Tomato concentrate

Tomato concentrate

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Tomato concentrate is a natural product obtained from fresh, healthy and ripe tomatoes, which are subjected to a process of crushing, cooking, concentrating, pasteurizing and aseptic packaging to ensure their innocuousness and conservation.

No addition of dyes, flavors, preservatives or others.

During the whole process of production, cultivation and harvesting, until the process of transformation and packaging, we ensure practices that are completely respectful with the environment. 

Quality and food safety is controlled and supervised by a quality department, in one of the most modern laboratories in the sector of canned tomatoes.

Tomato properties

The tomato is a food that we can find in the diet of the vast majority of the gastronomic cultures of the world. It is a very healthy food with many beneficial properties for our health.

It stands out for its low content of fat and calories and is rich in minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Although most of its content is water, tomato is also an important source of vitamins B, C and A.

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