Each variety of olive oil has its particular charm and characteristics and unique flavor notes that make it special. That is why we have oils from almost all the varieties that are produced in Spain.

We also work with a wide selection of the best organic extra virgin olive oils. We bet a lot on organic oils because we believe that such a special product, as valuable in its properties as in its flavor and history, such as olive oil, deserves a natural, respectful and responsible process. Both with our health and nutrition, as well as with the environment and the natural heritage that we have to preserve.

Bulk products


Extra Virgin reserve family

Extra Virgin with an intense fruity with herbaceous and fruity notes. Its expressiveness allows us to perceive descriptors that resemble tomato, freshly cut grass or oregano. If you have patience, you can discover in your layers the green apple and even the alloza aroma.

Ecological extra virgin

100% natural and handmade product. From its cultivation until it reaches the consumer's table, it meets the strictest organic farming standards, always controlled by the certifying bodies. For this reason, an organic oil of excellent quality is obtained, healthy and with an excellent flavor.

Appellation of origin

100% made with olives of the Serrana de Espadán variety, with a mild flavor and no bitter traces. It is an oil with elegant and broad aroma that stands out for its softness, remembering the fruit from which it comes in its entirety. Its components are full of healthy properties.

Extra Virgin

Made with olives harvested in a state of optimum maturation and subjected to a delicate process of extraction. It has fruity touches of almond and apple, being a smooth, balanced oil and leaving a clean and fresh feeling.

Virgin olive

We are faced with a cut made with care of oils of the best varieties, adapted to the needs and tastes of customers, developed by experts and prepared for the best palates.

Sunflower oil

Obtained from the pressing of sunflower seeds. Oil of soft yellow coloring, with a slightly sweet flavor.

Olive pomace

Produced exclusively with oils that start from the treatment of the product obtained after the extraction of olive oil and other oils obtained directly from olives.

High oleic sunflower

Oil with a maximum guaranteed richness of 80% in oleic, avoiding oxidation and rancidity.

Soy oil

100% vegetable soybean oil, which unites the properties of this millenary plant with Asian wisdom. Healthy and beneficial for cholesterol.

Good for everyone

Many are the benefits that olive oil provides to our health. Some of them are very important, such as preventing cardiovascular diseases, promoting digestive function, helping to combat constipation, playing a protective role against cellular oxidative stress and many more.

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Gourmet format

In addition to bulk, at The Food and Food we can also offer oil in our gourmet format, with an extraordinary presentation that manages to mix the tradition and the ancestral culture of the oil, with a modern and minimalist design.


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