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All our coffee varieties are roasted with a slow roasting method: this means that our coffee is roasted in 20 minutes at a temperature between 190 ° C and 194 ° C.

At the end of the toasting process, the coffee should be cooled. This is a very important delicate phase that we carry out through the use of cold air blows compared to most coffee producers that use cold water.

In this way, we manage to maintain all the organoleptic properties of the coffee unchanged and, as a result, our coffee is drier, has a higher level of return and can be stored for a longer period of time.

Bulk products


Ground Coffee

The Excelsior Coffee Ground Moka is the result of a blend of the best quality coffees from the Central America and the highlands of East Africa finished with a correct and thorough roasting. The special grind is perfect for all types of mokas and offers connoisseurs a blend of high quality with a strong aroma.

Gem Line

A full-bodied coffee with a strong character, the result of a complex yet balanced of South American and East African finely mixed with a touch of Robusta. It reveals its personality thanks to the traditional slow roasting process technique.

Gourmet Coffee Blends

Excelsior produces a wide range of high level blends, composed of the best coffee varieties in the world, among which the three types available are: Panama, Gold and Extra Mild.

Coffee in pod

A pod with 7 grams of roasted, ground, dosed and pressed coffe ensures the perfect espresso at home or in the office. Available in dispenser packs of 18 pods or 150 units in the following flavours: Gold, Kilimanjaro, Puerto Rico and Decaffeinated.

Coffee in capsules

Blend of the best arabica qualities coffee beans roasted and ground; packed in controlled atmosphere to preserve the fresh ground bouquet. Available in the following flavours: Gold, Kilimanjaro, Puerto Rico and Decaffeinated.

Spirit of India

100% Arabica washed blend made from Indian quality beans of Mysore, Coorg and Chikmagalur; with its refined Aroma showing honey, vanilla and cocoa notes. Reveals and elegant and balanced body with a medium intensity. The aftertaste reveals an intense flavour of chocolate; this mix meets them most demanding palates and it is dedicated to a particular connoisseur.


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Coffee properties

There are many benefits that are attributed to this legendary product. Coffee can help us improve our memory, relieve headaches, neck and shoulders pain, help us fight premature aging and is considered an excellent natural antidepressant with a mild action that will not cause us any side effects similar to drugs.

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Gourmet format

In addition to bulk, at The Food and Food we can also offer coffee in our gourmet format.


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